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Size: S, 10 meters
Terrain compatibility:
Air: Yes
Ground: Yes (strongest here)
Water: Yes
Space: Yes

Replacement for Cethlenn

During Jen's (admittedly quite brief) stay at VIPER, they've put their technical knowledge to the work refining and upgrading Cethlenn. It sports a brand new look, more firepower, and a special ability Jen hasn't had time to get the hang of. It's faster than before, despite the size increase, but it's a bit more frail as well.

While Cethlenn was armed with a pistol and its nanobots, Nemain carries plenty with it. Each fist has a plasma projector so she can deliver the force of a beam rifle shot with a punch, and for further melee combat ability it carries a collapsible beam glaive on its back. Closed the glaive takes up about as much space as a baton, though even then its blade can be turned on for an awkward knife-like weapon.

In terms of ranged weapons Nemain carries a bullpup electromagnetic rifle, which can fire either a powerful long-ranged single shot, a short burst, or full auto rock n'roll. It has an underslung grenade launcher for dealing with big tough guys, which can also shoot empty cans of her nanobots for doing tricky things.

Nemain can fly for short distances, and alter its course in air, but it's not really built for sustained flight. It retains the grappling cables that Cethlenn used.

Finally, it adds a new movement method based around overloading and overheating its artificial musculature. This lets Nemain move unreasonably fast for short periods of time, but causes serious damage (broken knees, torn 'tendons', etc if overused. After coming out of hyperspeed it tends to be glowing red and needs to vent off steam to cool down. Nemain moves so fast then and is capable of such high accelerations that anything less than the most focused and alert human mind cannot keep up; In her current state, Jen can only move using this method in straight lines, and cannot use firearms. Someone with a mind free of material attachments might be able to perfect it...but Jen ain't that.

Putting hard numbers to it isn't real useful for this game, but it's capable of easily breaking the sound barrier with that movement speed, if not reaching/approaching hypersonic speeds. Basically, it's Double Image.

Jen gains a similar sprinting movement ability while on foot, though not being a giant robot it's correspondingly weaker, and has the same limitations. It'd max out at more like 60 mph for a few seconds.

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Weapons Jen's made so far.

Beam Knuckle-a small beam pistol with really bad focus, it sends all the energy of a normal beam rifle shot out in a small cone from its barrel. It's held like brass knuckles. Combines well with the flicker jab technique, as it doesn't require the initial impact to have any force for it to do damage.

Rail Pistol-standby weapon, a pistol that uses electricity to fire off its shots. One-handed, semi-automatic.
Giant machinegun-BRRRRT. Too heavy for Cethlenn to move by itself, its recoil is enough for it to be used as an engine. Requires significant bracing not to make the tiny robot go flying.
Spear-really kind of both ranged and melee, but so far only used as a throwing weapon.
A Missile-a large missile, which is then chucked at the target. (Kind of difficult, I messed up-she really shouldn't be able to do it yet)

Nanobot Tricks:
Disintegrator Strike-Jen sets her nanobots to devour whatever they run across and uses a melee strike. Fairly powerful but energy intensive.
Poison bullets-Jen puts a coating of nanobots on some physical ranged weapon's round, and has them work on eating away at a target. Because of the small amount of nanobots involved, it just adds the armor debuff property to her ranged attack. Costs nanobots to use, and can be disabled by energy fields, other nanobots, or just being so tough the debuff doesn't change much.
Counteract poison-Jen can counteract nanobots eating away at something's armor. Does not undo the damage, but prevents further harm.
Disintergrator cloud-Jen smacks many of her nanobots onto something, sets them to eat away at the thing, then runs away. A poison attack strong enough to do damage by itself. Burns a lot of energy and nanobots, so it's quite risky.
First, some clarification: the version of nanobot technology used in Jen's canon has two advantages over that in Willis's and one huge disadvantage. It allows for thought-based control of the robots (small and large), and wireless remote control as well. The wireless remote control in particular is dangerous, as it lets units be hit with nanobot-loaded projectiles that will keep eating away at their armor until removed. The disadvantage is that none of the Jen canon units can convert matter directly to energy, or vice versa. They can only shift matter to other forms of matter. This does include the transmutation of lighter elements to heavier ones, and the transmutation of one isotope to another, but it requires greater time and energy the further the change goes.

So Jen can take some amount of hydrogen and end up with not quite so much carbon, or she can take some a mount of Hydrogen-1 and shift it to not quite so much Hydrogen-2 and a bunch of protons. She could also take a LOT of hydrogen and shift it all the way down to uranium, but that would take such a long time as to be infeasible in combat-in general the heavy fissible elements are not something she can make in meaningful amounts fast. She could not conjure enough to make a nuclear weapon inside a mission. Jen and her enemies also cannot create reaction warheads, conjure matter from energy, or turn any random block of matter into a megaton-scale explosion via conversion to energy. This inability to convert energy back and forth means that nanobots as displayed in her side of things are weak to energy weapons and high temperatures.

-The source of jen's mcguffin is changed; it is now stolen from VIPER by assorted UG team spies. It contains all the info on nanobot construction that the criminal organization has been able to gather, along with results from their experiments in brain hacking (regularly successful, but makes the subjects kinda dumb) and body modification (you can become a catgirl!). VIPER has mostly thought of this stuff as a tool to their end of GLOBAL DOMINATION, but the impact it could have on economics and healthcare overall is enormous. Given 5-10 years and the documents jammed in Jen's head, and a lot of changes are gonna happen in the world.

Mission 1: Jenny Mnemonic
Jennifer completes a kind of sketchy data delivery to a dockside area at night. Cethlenn arrives shortly after Jen does, hidden inside a storage truck, and workers start hurriedly offloading it and preparing to get it on a boat. That's when Apogee 13 shows up along with a Julia Cantor and some Viper Commandos. They start killing everyone, though the ninja hangs back as much as is cool and mysterious. Jen takes shelter in Cethlenn, it activates and sets her as its core, and the battle escalates to giant robots.

Unity Group guys have been standing by since well before this began, as Jen's client is actually the UG! (or some other appropriate multinational police organization). When things start getting mecha, they're called in to figure out what's going on and stop any aggressors. They may or may not be briefed on the original purpose of the mission (help secure goods stolen from some terrorists), but things are pretty FUBAR by the time they get involved. Julia and all the viper commandos can be killed here, though Apogee 13's more reserved tactics and ridiculous hax skills mean she takes very little damage and is able to retreat just fine. Julia uses one of the Viper Commando Formor units here, and appears as an easily-defeated boss grunt until the mission "It Ends(?)", where she's the main threat.

Going forward the missions unfurl in much the same way, though instead of Evil Jen, Apogee 13 takes the place of Jen's rival. She is a cold, rarely emotional person, and may be prone to kung-fu philosophy like a Kenshin character ("what is the truth that lies at the point of a sword" or something like that). She's a zen sort of person, someone who is always calm and controlled, and generally wins fights by just being stealthier, faster, stronger, and more skilled than her opponents-a contrast with Jen's habit of tricking, lying, and generally cheating. If there's time or a place for it, some delving into her backstory can be done; Apogee 13 is the surviving product of an attempt to create people who can think extremely fast. She killed her creators, became a ninja in some highly improbable manner, and eventually got recruited by Viper Commander.

Instead of being Aegis Security-produced units, the Cethlenn and Formor are VIPER originals. Cethlenn was even going to be Julia's boss unit, but then it got stolen.
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ADS M-9 "Formor"-The newest mainline combat unit produced by Aegis, and the first mecha to use nanotechnology in its construction from the ground up. It'd be tempting, and wrong, to call it the MP version of Jen's own Cethlenn-rather, Cethlenn used one of the early Formor chassis, then had it revamped to serve as a UIIN system testbed. They use a variety of weapons, but are always outfitted with two monomolecular edge knives. The Formor's meant for security and counterterrorism operations in a city setting. They forgoe the more complicated grappling hook system of Cethlenn for a thruster pack that allows brief flight or very long jumps, and use traditional mecha controls instead of thought control. Their primary ranged weapon loadout varies based on their position in the squad.

Ranger units, or generic members, carry a flechette burst rifle and a pistol identical to Cethlenn's. The rifle fires small slivers of tungsten at high speed. It is not a railgun. That said, it'll still do a number on armor easily-and it carries a positively absurd amount of rounds per clip, all while boasting from almost no recoil.

Dedicated Marksmen carry a large beam sniper rifle, and some extra ammunition for it.

Fire Support units carry a gyroc gatling gun; this fires tiny missiles, not bullets. Each one carries a rather nasty punch should it hit, and is capable of a limited degree of homing (they can't turn more than about 90 degrees). This weapon is also useful for indirect fire, as the missiles can be guided over and back down behind a target. Lastly, if one so desired, all three barrels of the gun could launch their missiles at once for a shotgun-like attack that'll wound even heavy armor. This loadout is rarely used, due to its penchant for collateral damage.

There's no dedicated EW unit; rather, the team's EW capabilities are distributed across the whole squad. They're less strong as a whole, but are difficult to destroy.

In terms of anime units, they're a lot like the M9 Gernsbeck, but with much tougher armor in place of an active camouflage system. All their weapons are usable by Cethlenn without modification, should Jen beat one up and steal it's stuff. They're 8.5 meters tall, same as Cethlenn.

Base unit    W/Ranger Loadout
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The McGuffin
-An extensive set of documents on Aegis, Ono-sendai, and Caduceus's research into nanotechnology. With it, a lot of money, and a lot of time, a well-equipped lab could create nanobots of their own. Or, for not nearly so much money and time, a well equipped lab can use it and a sample of nanobots to make their own. It does not contain the information on how to make Chimerae.

Mission/Log 1: "Jenny Mnemonic"
Jennifer completes a delivery of some data to a perfectly normal Ono-Sendai base. Then, Chimera attack! Her clients escape through a secret subway tunnel, leaving her to face the music on her own-but in their haste, they leave Cethlenn behind, and Jen is able to get into it to effect an escape! Cethlenn makes her its core, which when the Aegis units show up leaves her in the awkward position of being in a stolen mech that's keyed to only be usable by her. Also, she stole it.

Cethlenn's thought-control makes her a capable combatant, but it's small and armed only with a pistol and an extra clip; at 9 rounds per clip, that's going to be a problem. Until Jen figures out how to use the nanotech stuff (is told it exists), it operates on auto mode, replenishing ammo and health instead of doing anything fancy.

One of the Ono-Sendai scientists escapes with a complete copy of the data off of Jen's head.

Post-mission post-Jen is placed on leave from her company, as until she's able to get that data off her head she's not able to carry out her day to day duties. However, they set her up with the Unity Group and a company that helps organize independent contractors, so she can still get work. It's just...mecha-combat work, not jogging.

2-It Begins
The Unity Group is called in to deal with a situation in a coastal city; terrorists are attacking the nuclear power plant! They're a bunch of elite mooks led by DOOMSTAR, their mecha with specs on par with Jen's Cethlenn-though they lack the nanobot wizardry she has.

While the theft goes on, the terrorist leader gives everyone a call to explain things: He is VIPER COMMANDER, and he's hiring. Sign up now, and you'll get a piece of australia all to yourself once he takes over the world. (Sydney, specifically.)

The team has to try to prevent Doomstar from breaking apart the nuclear reactor and causing a massive radiological disaster! However, this is a distraction from the true goal of the plan: While Doomstar and some of the mooks do their thing, others spirit away unused nuclear fuel, and escape to the waiting-and massive-Doggerland out at sea. Doomstar does so as well, though she'll need a ride if the protagonist team manages to down her robot. As for the mooks, they resist interrogation extremely well.

3-It Continues
VIPER forces appear again, attacking another nuclear power plant! This time their little misdirection trick from before won't work, so they commit more serious forces to the fight: Jennifer "Evil Jen" Douglass, one of willis's exes, and the ninja Apogee 13, alongside their mook forces. VIPER's had some time to do research on the various Unity group members, and offers deals designed for each of the people present-but through imperfect information on their part, and HEROIC WILLPOWER on our PCs part, team hero resists the temptations of evil and faces them down!

...Except Jen. After getting somewhat beat up in the fight and offered a LOT of money to work with VIPER, she accepts their deal, and becomes an enemy combatant. She focuses her attack on Willis-but, as evil jen points out he "gets better", she's required to prove her loyalty by attacking the rest of the team.

4-Pattern Recognition
Sakihama base receives an encoded transmission that warns of an immediate attack; fifteen minutes later, the missiles start landing. The Sundaland and Zealandia, sister ships to the Doggerland from before, are attacking with their full mecha complement. Evil Jen, Traitor Jen, Apogee 13, 4 Julias, and a horde of mooks all take to the fight, betting on dealing a serious blow to the Unity Group at a (supposedly) understaffed base.

However, the Unity Group's had time to prepare and move mecha over via ESUN device, and so the surprise attack does not provide the advantage it was supposed to. Hampering VIPER's attack further, Traitor Jen starts shooting their men, as she reveals betraying the Unity group was all a setup so she could steal most of VIPER's money; "The unity group pays bad, and you pay better, but this pays best of all." There is another reason, as well-during the time she spent working for them, Jen found out that nearly all of the VIPER commandos are people who've had their brains hacked via nanorobots, and are VIPER commander's loyal slaves. The term "Furniture" might be used. This is a shock to Doomstar, who trusted VIPER commander when he said he was only using that technology on animals. Also, she just thought all the grunts were really dedicated. Doomstar is not clever in this regard.

The fighting's intense, but team hero is able to push them back; Apogee 13 and Evil Jen escape, while this proves to be the Julia's last stand. The Doggerland is sunk before it can escape; between it, Jen's theft of half of their financial reserves, and the loss of the Prima Materia, VIPER's suffered its first-and greatest-defeat. Doomstar will be upset and disturbed, but refuses to work with team hero/insists they are lying, sticks with and retreats with the other VIPER forces.

5-Desert Bus
VIPER activity is detected again, this time out in the middle east. They've got a strong fortress set up in a canyon, and tons of defences against aerial attacks, so team Hero's going to have to come in a side branch of the canyon towards the base.

When they get there, it turns out that not only is the base itself mobile, it can shift somewhat to a massive robot! It and Doomstar engage the heroes. When the fight starts to go badly, Julia activates their plan of attack early-five long-range missiles launched from the base's back, each armed with a payload of deadly nanobot plague. Team hero has to shoot down those missiles, beat Doomstar, and destroy the base. This is the last stand for Doomstar, who can be captured or killed.

Getting all the missiles is the skill point here; if team hero fails in that, nanobot treatments from the Caduceus people will be able to stop a a massive cataclysm, but it's not gonna be pretty. 

6-Running In The 90s
Jen's out enjoying a night on the town, probably with some male companionship, when ninjas attack and start to ruin everything.

It's Apogee 13, and she's brought along an assortment of mooks to help her with her mission: Kill Jen. Furthermore, they've brought a large modified cargo plane, covered in anti-beam coating; it's armed with a powerful laser cannon, which operates on hard-ish SF rules. It's hitscan, can be used to shoot down incoming physical projectiles and missiles, and as long as they have a spotter on the ground they can shoot through buildings. What follows is a running fight through the city.

Apogee 13 retreats, but the plane is defeated for good here.

Volcano Cannon: Fight to shore, fight up mountain into base, fight inside base, Jen v jen ninja atop a projectile, Willis V Viper Commander normally
After a lot of searching and tracking, we've finally found VIPER's headquarters! It's a small island with all the classic evil lair qualities; volcano, jungle, beautiful sandy beach, extensive base underground. It has a special surprise though; the barrel of a massive cannon juts out from the volcano, like the whole island's an artillery piece or something.

Intense fighting happens as soon as Team Hero approaches the island. The one surviving submersible aircraft carrier and final Julia are the first barrier, trying to shoot down the shuttle as it comes in. Thankfully, the shuttle pilot is really good, so team hero can make landfall. From there it's a rough fight up through the jungle and into the base, where the other bosses await.

The cannon, it turns out, is part of an extensive series of modifications to the island. Once perfected, it will be able to fire a ball of lava almost anywhere in the world; as the projectile flies through the air, it will change shape via nanobots to glide to the target, using data from orbiting satellites to change course as necessary. When it finally strikes, it'll have immense destructive power, enough to destroy even a fortified base in one shot.

Jen and Evil Jen's Apogee 13's fight takes them inside the firing chamber of the cannon, which VIPER commander fires towards Hong Kong (unaware that anyone's inside); Jen has to then finish her duel and deflect the massive ball of rock before it impacts. Meanwhile, everyone else has to finish off Viper Commander, Apogee 13, Julia, the mooks, and escape the inevitable base self-destruct sequence/volcanic eruption (Viper commander is a load-bearing boss).


Julia Cantor(s)-The Massively Redundant Woman. The scientist Jen met. Thanks to nanotechnology, they've been able to construct fully-grown replicas of her body, down to the last atom-cloning, without all that mess of waiting for someone to grow up. The clones are then linked together using implants at the base of their skull, allowing them functional telepathy and a sort of hive mind. Due to the time and energy involved in the process, there are only about 15 Julias at any given time.

Julia is entirely devoted to VIPER commander, and very much in love with him. Two or three Julias are hanging off of him at all times, when they're not needed for combat. She's usually in charge of bases, ships, fortresses and the like-her units include the various subs, desert base, and the Apollon laser plane. During mission 4 she has one "proper" unit, the Prima Materia.

Julia's the kind of person who'd go burn down an orphanage to keep her K/D ratio good; after all, if you've died more times than you've killed, that's just embarrassing.

Apogee 13-The Cyborg Ninja

A ninja. Apogee 13 works for VIPER Commander because she admires his vision of the world; a world where Great Men (though not always male) shape the day, not shackled by the will of the petty masses! Also, he's been kind to her, and killing people is what she does.

Apogee pilots a 30m unit and uses the nanobots provided to her as an area fog or mist. They fill the battle arena, allowing her to sense an enemy's move by feel as they disturb the nanobots in the air with their attack. Furthermore, they can refract and alter light so as to make her vanish, blind an opponent, or appear to have hazy duplicates. They're the perfect tool for a ninja.

Her real strength is her combat ability; while the nanobots are powerful, she is a world-class master of combat with swords and firearms. Her unit uses two powerful pistols and a single katana, sharpened to a monomolecular edge; energy weapons would burn away her nanobots, which are already spread pretty thin. Despite being 30m tall and carrying durable armor for its size, she's able to make her unit move as fast as Jen's Cethlenn. It's slower than the Upgraded Cethlenn, but still far more durable-and Apogee 13 has much more combat experience than Jen, or really almost anyone on the earth. She's in the running for "Deadliest woman in history", and puts it on her business cards. Tends to fight using a long monofilament wire whip hidden in a ring, when she does combat on-foot.

Viper Commander-He's the boss. DA BAWS!
A mysterious man in a mask, he's been part of assorted international acts of terrorism for the past ten years. He's a genius scientist in almost all fields, but has never stepped into the limelight before. See Cobra Commander in GI Joe Retaliation ("Everybody wants to rule the world") or Ruroni Kenshin's Makoto Shishio for an idea of what he looks like. Personality wise, he kind of doesn't really give a fuck, but he's having fun being a comic-book supervillain and taking over the world sounds just great. Very much in love with Julia, though he's somewhat affectionate with Doomstar and Traitor Jen. Gets gradually more angry with team hero as they variously  1) wreck his plans 2) steal his money 3) kill his girlfriend, several times over. Still, he's not outwardly mad; he'll just have to turn them all into loyal, loving servants, and it'll be okay. Takes to the field in the final mission, still need to work out exactly what his thing is.

Evil Jen-The Evil Sexy Lady, Military one
See Willis's app for details. Basically Good Jen's rival, and Traitor Jen's mentor (until she becomes good jen again)

-The Crazy One

If Snowflame was a lady, this is what you'd get. A pharmacological genius, Doomstar (real name unknown) has twisted the use of nanotechnology to making crazy, crazy drugs. She tends not to think about the consequences of her actions, and since Viper Commander gives her all the tools she needs to do her research she's more than happy to do what he wants. Aspiring thrash metal artist.

In combat, her unit is a 30m brute with bulging biceps and a hulking frame; her knowledge of biotechnology has let her give it more effective (and eeriely organic) musculature than most units its size. It's not extremely fast, but it packs a nasty serrated sword that drips with pink fluid; this is a special strain of nanobot designed to breakdown and hamper enemy mecha systems. Effectively, it's poison for giant robots. She tends to keep most of her nanobots focused on regeneration and the poison sword, making her unit really, really hard to keep down. Her unit also mounts a flak cannon in the chest; the damage is not so great, as the shrapnel doesn't do too much against modern armor, but it's dangerous for lightly-armored robots, and each bit of the shrapnel carries the same nanobot debuff as her sword.

Viper Commandos
The default enemy mook pilots. They're moderately good, but only a bit better than generic soldiers. However, their physical abilities are ridiculous; nanotech augmentations mean they're physically on par with, if not superior to, the best atheletes in the world. They heal fast, like Willis or Jen, and are immune to most poisons. They've got some extra mods that those two don't, however; they are capable of only limited independent thought, and will rapidly become catatonic if captured. The shot of nanotech that they got robbed them of their free will, making them fanatically loyal to VIPER and its leaders, no matter what they may have believed first.

Since they can be replaced with any random hobo off the and a fairly quick medical procedure, they're not treated particularly well. Sometimes they're called 'Furniture' by the commanders. Because they're transformed to their current state by offensive nanotechnology, Jen and Willis (and Evil Jen, for that matter) are immune to the transformation/mind control procedure.

Their units are mass-produced knockoff (or pirate) versions of the Aegis defense Systems Formor; they're the MP variant of Jen's Cethlenn. While not capable of doing nanobot wizardry, they have extra thrusters and come with rifles starting out. Their durability and strength's just as good as her unit's. They lack the grappling hooks of Cethlenn, because why do that when you can airdash.

Enemy units not detailed above:
Submersible Aircraft Carrier ( Zealandia, Kerguelen, and Doggerland)
It's a sub. That launches robots! Not much more to that there. They've also got a number of missile tubes. Note that they're large, almost capital-ship size.

Terrestrial Mobile Factory "Forgemaster"
A nanotechnology-enhanced factory and mobile command post, with armor and weapons aplenty. It'll repair enemy units damaged mid-fight, and serves as a boss unit for the fight. It's also home to a set of ten long-range ballistic missiles which VIPER plans to shoot into europe with a deadly nanotech plague.

Aerial Laser Platform "Apollon"

A large cargo plane that's been modified to an odd kind of gunship; the Appollon mounts machine guns and missile batteries in what was once its storage hold. It's a massive flying target, but it has the same kind of dimandoid armor as Strahlend and Cethlenn, with an added anti-beam coating. Further enhancing its defences is its primary weapon, a powerful laser pulse laser cannon that gives the plane its name.

This weapons system is most similar to the Laser-class BETA's, well, laser; it appears as a blue-ish white beam of light and travels at the speed of light. When it hits, it's effect is akin to having a spear of heat shoved through the target. Each nanosecond-scale pulse blasts off a tiny bit of the target, which quickly dissipates; then another pulse comes through, blasting off the next bit, etc, etc. The damage adds up to have it drill through a tank in a fraction of a second. Apollon can use the mooks in the mission as spotters, allowing it to shoot through buildings at Our Heroes. It's also a powerful defensive weapon, as the laser can be used in a point-defence mode to shoot down incoming projectiles and missiles.

Apollon is not without weakness; that laser cannon is only 80% efficient or so, and all that waste heat's gotta go somewhere. Radiator panels cover the entire top surface of the plane, and during protracted combat will begin to glow a dull red. If the radiators are damaged or destroyed, it'll slow down and eventually stop entirely the laser's rate of fire. Additionally, the laser system is its own achilles heel; if someone can shine their own laser into the Apollon's beam as it focuses on them, the Apollon's mirrors and focusing mechanisms will boost the damage of the incoming laser by about an order of magnitude.

It takes the role of air support for VIPER forces during the mission, using its artillery and extremely accurate laser fire to damage or herd the PCs. Appearance wise, it's a C-130 bearing the nose-turret from the Mobile Airborne Laser project.

Prima Materia-One of, if not the most powerful mecha in VIPER's arsenal, the Prima Materia in its non-combat state looks like a large metallic sphere, some 40m in diameter. Its construction consists of a cockpit/core, surrounded by a metallic fluid; this fluid is made up of the Prima Materia's nanobots, holding together microscopic pieces of normal metal.

The fluid can change shape as required, forming arms, claws, knives, legs, etc. It's also capable of forming into energy weapons, guns, and rocket boosters. Since the Prima Materia runs off the UIIN V2 system, contact is not required for the nanobots to communicate with each other. This makes it extremely difficult to damage; bludgeoning attacks have their impact deadened by the liquid, slicing attacks have the dismembered part just crawl back to the whole, and piercing attacks won't do anything more than get your sword stuck inside it. Energy weapons are effective at burning away the nanobots, but they can reconstitute themselves by devouring nearby materials. Its one weak point is the cockpit-which can be difficult to find, and has some armor of its own on top of that provided by the nanobots-but, if you can pierce it and kill Julia, it dies.
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 This post is meant for information explaining the setting of Iteration/Suffix, and how to incorporate it into the game smoothly.

The Core Tenets: So Cyberpunk has some things that are generally required for it to function, and the things listed here are setting-wide ones that affect all of the SRWU universe. The internet must exist, and be global in its reach. Cyborgs must be possible, though they don't have to be common. And lastly, since we're going for more of a Gibson feel here, transistor computers should be the default, not quantum. I don't think that these are going to be hard to do at all-I'm under the impression that they're the default assumptions for the universe. The cyborgs one is kind of weird, but if only one out of every 10,000 people is cyborg (let's face it, being a cyborg is weird and expensive), that's plenty for our purposes.

The Sprawl(s):So the key setting of a lot of cyberpunk stuff is a sprawling, dystopian city where corporations wield more power than the government and everything's cloaked in a dim twilight due to massive smog and air pollution. The good news about the Sprawl and setting integration is, it doesn't have to be the whole world! For this canon I'd like to set aside 3 regions defined as the Sprawl. Some options are listed below; all are either megaregions here in real life, or are rich enough and well connected enough that they could become huge banking and computer sectors easily enough.

-Hong Kong
-American East Coast Megaregion (Massachusetts to Virginia)
-American Southern California Megaregion (San Francisco, LA, etc.)
-American Gulf Coast Megaregion (Houston, Baton Rouge, New Oreleans, etc)
-American Cascadia Megaregion (Seattle and some other places I don't know nearby)
-any of Europe's "bananas"

Because other canons are likely to use some of these areas, I think the best choice here is Dubai, Taiwan, and the American Southern California region. The american ones are the mostly likely to be used by other canons, and I can shift to gulf coast or Cascadia easily enough-but Southern California is traditional. So many cyberpunk novels take place there. SO MANY.

The Sprawl (all of them) are in a rather odd sort of political state, where either by corruption, government sanction, or legally purchasing the government, corporations have more effect on the day to day life of people than the government. Corporations maintain their own security forces, including mecha, and routinely engage in cold-war style espionage and skirmish matches with each other. 

Life in The Sprawl is not that great. Wealth inequality is so massive as to be downright dystopic, and there's basically no upward mobility through society. The rich can expect to live calm, peaceful lives inside domed suburbs, sheltered from the crime and pollution of the city, while the poor can expect to live highly dangerous lives in buildings that may or may not be built over toxic waste dumps. People come to the sprawl for all sorts of reasons-it is home to more black market activity than anywhere else in the world, it is a place of extremely rapid economic growth, it has basically no corporate taxes, there's no ethics regulations on research, it's still better than some of the other regions in the world.

There are rays of hope, of course-not all corporations are soullessly evil, and most do a lot of good to their workers. Even street gangs, triads, and the yakuza watch out for their own. There's no social safety net, but people have created their own in the lack of a real "government" to speak of.

While corporations claim territory and have militaries like particularly wealthy gangs, there are things they can't handle on their own. That's where the UN Spacey/Federation/Whatever steps in. None of the corporations are nuclear states, they really aren't equipped to handle a proper war, and aliens are entirely outside their jurisdiction. So while Ono-Sendai may have cyber ninjas, if someone starts threatening people with a nuke you call them and they call the UN. They might be amoral or evil, but none of the various megacorps trust each other with nukes, and neither does anyone else.

International military organizations like the UN Spacey can be thought of like sleeping dragons with how they relate to the sprawl; they rarely move to action, but when they do, their power is immense and terrible.

Visually, the Sprawl looks a lot like the world of Blade Runner or Ghost In The Shell at night; huge skyscrapers and artificial lighting combining with smog to make a sort of constant dim twilight.

A Glossary Of Terms
Street Samurai/Razor Girl-A person with heavy cyborg augmentations geared towards combat, who is not beholden to a corporation.
S.Q.U.I.D.-Superconducting Quantum Interface Device. Used for detecting naval mines, or reading the information stored on a computer while that computer is turned off. Actually a real-world thing.
Megacorp-A really large corporation, usually global in scale, incorporating many different ventures.
Cyberdeck-A device that allows someone to mentally interface with computers and the internet, by connecting electrodes to your head. A hacker's best friend.
Cyberspace-C'mon, you know this one. The internet, the world wide web, the information super highway, the intertubes
Meatspace-A less-used term, this is the "real world", or at least how hackers call it.
The Meat-flesh, real bodies, etc.
The Ghost-someone's personality and "soul", the part of them that exists when you disregard their physical body.
ICE-Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics, the electronic things that keep people from hacking your stuff and stealing your data.
ICE breaker-The programs hackers use to break the above. Militaries like the UN Spacey have the best ones, and keep them under strong lock and key.
Black ICE-Like normal ICE, except it will try to hack the hacker through whatever brain/internet connection they have and fry their brain.
Biomods-Organic modifications to a person's body. These might be adding pointed ears, tusks, changing skin color, or just steroids to build muscle mass.

If people or characters are unfamiliar with these, don't worry! The various Sprawls won't dominate the world, so it'd be easy to be an important person and spend your entire life not dealing with them.

Tertiary Organizations-Things not relevant to the plot of Jen or Willis, that could be dropped offhandedly for flavor.

Regarding Artificial Intelligences
They exist and are widely used for guard robots and spy drones, but are never more intelligent than a well-trained dog. Some things are just too risky.
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Player name:Arachnion, "Arach"
AIM contact:arachnion01@gmail.com (yes really)
Alternate contacts:
Character name:Jennifer Douglas, "Good Jen"
Source canon:Iteration/Acceleration
Community tag:Jennifer_Douglas
Do I want a HMD:Nope

Notes:Jennifer's stuff is meant to be somewhat partnered, somewhat different from Willis's. It also draws heavily from cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk influences, which tend to include a certain kind of futuristic city and worldbuilding-in Gibson's works you have The Sprawl, in Snow Crash there's the Burbclaves. I'll have more details on how to best work that feel and setting stuff in a following post. That'll also include some definitions for things that are common to cyberpunk works, and used inside this app.

Background:Jennifer is a courier for Hermes Delivery Systems, a company that specializes in moving highly sensitive or hazardous cargo secretly, safely, and quickly. This can be good, this can be bad-when your company motto is "Anything, to anywhere", you sometimes get called upon to move things like people or large quantities of drugs. Jennifer works in the data and small packages department, so she mostly carries information-specifically, on a hard drive that resides inside her skull. In places with poor internet connections and when large quantities of data are at hand, it's often faster to just have someone pick the data up and walk it to where it needs to be. Jennifer's services are expensive, but that is because she offers professionalism, speed, and discretion. These are not things that you get with interns.

Jennifer's job calls her all around the world, but she is most at home in the concrete jungles of the earth. The somewhat clandestine nature of her work means that she has had to learn skills usually meant more for covert operatives than mailmen, but she hasn't had to pilot a giant robot before. She has had to run from them, though.

Her life up until she decided to join Hermes was painfully normal; choosing the company was something out of the blue for an otherwise pretty normal girl. Her parents are both alive and comfortably middle-class, with no particularly exciting trauma or backstory going on; her older brother has started a family of his own and is quite happy; but Jennifer chose to lead an interesting life, and this means she gets a six-figure paycheck and spends a lot of her time being shot at by cyborg dogs. (even in the future, the eternal foe of mailmen hunts still)

Original canon background:
Personality:Jennifer is profoundly normal, or at least she feels like she is. In a world of death-metal cultists and kung-fu superheroes, she might as well be. She's gotten dragged into this whole giant robot debacle not by her choice, and she'd really like to get back to her day job. The fact that her day job is its own flavor of bizzare doesn't really strike her-she's been doing it long enough to get used to it.

Jennifer's code of morals is a pretty general one. She tries to treat people fairly and nicely, doesn't like starting fights, and believes that when someone hurts you, it's your job to hurt them back, hard. The out of the norm thing is her idea of professionalism-for her, completing her job and doing what her client has paid her to do is very important. The code of ethics for Hermes Delivery Systems is lengthy and elaborate, but it is quite clear in that her first duty is to survive. Dead employees look bad.

She doesn't like killing people but she will totally do it if they're trying to kill her. In combat against other "normals", she's able to keep herself under control and operate pretty effectively.

Monsters are something of a problem, in that they are WAY ABOVE HER PAYGRADE. Jennifer's not used to fighting nightmarish horrors, and will have problems keeping it together against the Chimerae and other monsters. This may get better with time, but for now she's just not ready to fight those things.

Capabilities and Resources:
Jennifer's got a hard drive (Well okay, a sci-fi NVRAM storage device) in the back of her skull. Access ports are on her neck. The important thing is that it can store a lot of information. A secondary chip in her head, near the drive, is used to encrypt or decrypt the information using whatever key her client assigns to it. The whole array is protected against magnetic fields, and the encryption on the data is strong enough that if you don't have a quantum computer lying around it's more or less impossible to get at it. In case someone tries to force her to delete whatever information she has, there is another security measure in the form of an at least 48-character password that's required before you make any changes to the drive in question. Breaking this is easier, but it still requires ludicrous amounts of computing power or a SQUID of the grade normally only kept by navies.

Jen's job is often dangerous, so she's got a lot of skills that modern mailmen don't have. She's a well-trained melee combatant, mostly with boxing and escrima styles. She's really good at using her fists, a baton, and a knife out of the various melee weapons that exist; in the ranged realm she's really good with pistols and okay with rifles. These are her favored implements of violence, though she could figure out any other melee weapon or gun with just a bit of practice.

Jen's really fit-her marathon time is only juuuust under 3 hours, and she's really good at free-running type things. This comes with a cost, in that she's spending much of her free time working out, but she loves her job so it's not that bad. She can do stunt driving well too and ride bikes-she's very very good at getting from point A to point B no matter what's in the way. She's more or less a non-violent action hero, for whom running away is usually the answer.


Unit Name:ADS X-15, "Cethlenn"
Unit Description:Cethlenn is the prototype for the newest models of Aegis Security mecha, and a testbed for the V2.0 U.I.I.N System. It is meant more for police action and counter-terrorism efforts than symmetrical warfare.

Cethlenn used nanotechnology from the ground up in its creation, allowing for armor made from otherwise impossibly expensive materials. The muscular system used over its movable frame makes it quite responsive as well-it's a very high end machine.

Stat-wise it's something of a Mario; the armor is stronger than that on traditional real robots like the Veritechs, and way out of proportion with its size class-but it's not nearly so good as the armor on straight supers. It's fast, but not as fast as the Veritechs. It hits hard, but not the hardest.

It has a special movement mode, in the form of four grappling hooks-one on each shoulder and hip-that can latch on to distant targets and pull the robot towards them. Just one hook is enough to support its full weight, and they can be independently targeted, so it's very possible to do some spider-man shenanigans once you get some practice in with it.

Cethlenn comes armed with only a pistol scaled up to its size, and its U.I.I.N system.

The nanobots are the robot's real speciality. They allow for thought control, self-repair, and the creation of new weapons. They've been generally improved since the first version; they work faster, can operate at higher temperatures, and can create more intricate weapons. They're still capped at only twice as many constructors as Cethlenn's mass, so it can't have as many nanobots floating around as Willis can, so it has worse defence against nanobot attacks than Willis's unit. However, operating on a smaller scale means that while Willis and friends are generally stuck with swords and other melee weapons, Jen can quickly create firearms, camera drones, and even remote weaponry. This'll take some time for her to figure out and really get good with, but the nanobot system is more or less a green lantern ring. It is one of her only weapons, because she needs no other weapon. She's operating on version two of the system, so nanobots can be thought-controlled wirelessly.

Size: S, 8.5 meters
Terrain compatibility:
Air: No*
Ground: Yes
Water: Yes
Space: No
Favored terrain: Ground, Air. Air is favored due to the grappling hooks, though it cannot fly, and lacks matter for good nanobot wizardry. Cethlenn really performs best in a city, where it's going to have lots of things to grapple on to.

Space is actually REALLY BAD for Jen, because it means she can't make more nanobots from surrounding matter (no air!) and the problems with heat dispersal are likely to fry her nanobots. Water's less bad, but don't expect her to be good at it.

Upgrades:Cethlenn will receive additional terrain modifications as time goes on. It's kind of halfway between Real and Super, so it might get some other adaptations from appropriate canons as time goes on. Jen will also be growing into her role as the Nanobot Wizard; her side of the Iteration/Suffix thing is all about exploiting nanobots to do whatever you can do. She won't get as good at any of the tricks as the individual pilots on Willis's side, but it's very possible for her to copy their respective hats.

Mission requirement:Yes; Prior to her intro mission with Willis she is a non-combatant. She may still interact with team hero then, but she's not going to want to hang out for very long. You people are too weird!
Suggested Event List: Locked to the mods.

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